10+ ChatGPT Plugins You Should Be Aware Of

The ChatGPT plugins have successfully elevated the capabilities of ChatGPT to the next level. However, there is a challenge in finding the right plugin among the increasing number of options available or discovering the best ones. Here, we have compiled 5+ cool ChatGPT plugins based on our own experiences and explained what they do.

Introduction to ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT plugins are additional modules that can be integrated with ChatGPT to enhance its capabilities.

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These plugins provide specialized functionality that can be used in various domains such as customer support, content generation, language translation, and more.

By using plugins, you can customize the behavior of ChatGPT to suit your specific requirements.

How many ChatGPT plugins are there?

Currently, there are over 500+ ready-to-use ChatGPT plugin applications available. Furthermore, new plugins are being added every day, leading to an increasing number of options.

In this crowded landscape, it becomes increasingly challenging to identify the right ones that suit your needs or find the best and most beneficial ones for your use.

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10 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Use

We have compiled 10+ cool ChatGPT Plugins below:

1. Wolfram Plugin: Access Advanced Computation and Real-Time Data

The Wolfram ChatGPT plugin stands out for its advanced abilities. It allows users to leverage advanced computation, math, and real-time data to solve various queries. As you may already aware, ChatGPT is not great at math. This plugin makes up that deficiency.

Apart from basic math problems, you can utilize Wolfram for more complex tasks like creating genealogical trees, audio spectrograms, or even exploring anatomy.

Additionally, Wolfram can provide real-time information like the current date and time.

2. Speak Plugin: Learn and Practice Languages

The Speak plugin is a fantastic tool for language enthusiasts. As its name suggests, Speak enables users to learn how to say anything in different languages.

It acts as a language tutor, assisting with translation, verbs, conjugations, and nuanced grammar. Simply input your language query, and the ChatGPT plugin will provide quick and accurate responses, helping you improve your language skills.

3. There’s an AI For That: A Compilation of Handy Tools

The AI Collection plugin is a versatile package that offers a wide range of useful tools for both personal and professional needs. It includes tools like image editors, PDF converters, and much more.

Whenever you require a specific tool, you can ask the AI about your requirement, and it will provide you with a convenient list of options.

To look for specific tools, simply ask ChatGPT about your exact requirement, and it will provide you with a handy list.

4. GameSight: Explore Games and Get Recommendations

If you are a gaming enthusiast, the GameSight plugin is perfect for you. It helps you discover new games, game-related content, and announcements.

With GameSight, you can quickly access game reviews, popular game lists, and even discover indie games.

5. Chance: Support Local Community

Chance is a plugin with a noble purpose – it helps users find and support local nonprofit organizations.

By entering your location, Chance provides a list of nearby nonprofits along with their names, information, and links.

If you’re looking to give back to your community and make a positive impact, Chance is an excellent plugin to explore and contribute to meaningful causes.

6. Meme Generator: Generate Humorous Memes

Bring some laughter into your conversations with the Meme Generator plugin. This plugin generates a variety of memes based on the topic you provide. It utilizes its extensive meme directory to source relevant images and adds clever captions. You can also create your own captions for a personalized touch.

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7. Kayak: Plan Your Travel Easily

For travel planning, the Kayak ChatGPT plugin is an excellent choice. It allows users to book flights and hotels effortlessly and provides travel recommendations.

Simply provide the necessary details such as origin, destination, arrival, and departure time, and Kayak will guide you through a variety of flight options available from your location. The plugin provides comprehensive information like prices, layovers, popular airlines, and more, making it a valuable travel companion.

8. OpenTable: Convenient Restaurant Bookings

OpenTable is a ChatGPT plugin designed to simplify restaurant bookings. By inputting the date, time, location, and number of people, OpenTable automatically finds suitable restaurants for you.

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The provided links lead to reservation details already pre-filled, streamlining the booking process. OpenTable is an essential plugin for convenient restaurant bookings.

9. MixerBox OnePlayer: Enjoy Music

The MixerBox is an all-in-one music compiler that creates playlists based on your preferences. Simply share your taste in music, and the plugin will curate playlists accordingly.

Moreover, it provides direct links to the songs, leading you to YouTube videos where you can enjoy your favorite tunes for free.

Users only need to provide their taste, and the ChatGPT plugin gets to work. Once done, MixerBox also gives direct links to the songs for you to listen to. The best is that songs are free since they lead to YouTube videos.

10. PromptPerfect: Craft the Perfect Prompts for ChatGPT

The PromptPerfect plugin is a valuable asset for those seeking assistance in generating effective prompts for ChatGPT.

By starting your prompt with the word “perfect” and providing the necessary details, PromptPerfect enhances your prompts to yield highly detailed and informative responses from the AI chatbot.

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It is a plug-and-play plugin that requires minimal intervention, making it an invaluable tool for optimizing your interactions with ChatGPT.

How to install ChatGPT Plugins

To start using ChatGPT Plugins, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus member. ChatGPT Plus is a subscription service that you can purchase for $20 per month.

Once you become a ChatGPT Plus member, you can enable plugins and use the GPT-4 model by going to the settings window on the main screen.

From there, you can navigate to the plugin store and select the plugins you want to use. Once you make the selection, ChatGPT will incorporate these plugins into its responses if it deems them necessary. Learn how to install and use ChatGPT plugins in detail.

How to create your own ChatGPT Plugin?

You can also create your own ChatGPT plugin, but it’s not an easy task and requires some developer knowledge.

OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, has set certain rules that you need to follow, and you must obtain approval from OpenAI to publish your created application.

If you successfully follow these steps, you can create your own plugin. If you’re interested in making your own extension, you can check out our detailed guide.