Boston Dynamics started to use ChatGPT in their robots

Boston Dynamics, a renowned robotics company, is famous for its innovative robots like Atlas, Spot, and Handle. They have recently integrated ChatGPT into their robots, opening up new possibilities for enhancing human-robot interaction and communication. In this article, we will explore how Boston Dynamics started to use ChatGPT in their robots and its potential applications.

chatgpt and boston dynamics

ChatGPT and Boston Dynamics

ChatGPT is a language model that has recently gained popularity. Millions of people have been utilizing its features. Boston Dynamics has, on the other hand, gained global recognition for creating cutting-edge robots that move with unprecedented agility and dexterity.

Recently, an AI expert named Santiago integrated ChatGPT with Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog, “Spot”. He created an experimental machine that could better process raw data gathered during missions. Santiago also used Google’s text-to-speech AI to vocalize the answers from Spot.

How ChatGPT was used for Boston Dynamic’s Robots?

Santiago shared a one-minute and fifty-six-second video on his YouTube channel showcasing the Boston Dynamics Robot Dog, Spot. In the video, the robot answers various questions and performs tricks using artificial intelligence.

The video also features the robot dog answering natural language questions like “Are you standing?” and “What is your battery level?” Spot even walks backward when requested to do so.

The ChatGPT-integrated robot, Spot, could gather a lot of data by the end of each mission. Santiago claimed that normally, querying all of this data on demand was not easy. This is where OpenAI’s ChatGPT comes in handy.

Santiago explained that they show the arrangement files and results of the mission, ask various questions using that context, and pull everything together with a voice-enabled interface. This system provides an excellent way to query data.

The robot was displayed at Levatas’ lab, answering various questions such as “Spot, how many inspections are in your next mission?”. Spot answered, “My next mission involves 20 inspections.” Spot could carry up to 14kg of equipment and perform repeatable missions, navigate different terrains, gather data and information, detect radiation, conduct thermal inspections, and more.

Some people expressed concerns about the integration of AI and robots’ advanced capabilities, fearing an apocalyptic outcome. Santiago Valderrama addressed these concerns in a tweet, stating that “90% of the comments in the video I posted yesterday were about the end of civilization.

You can reach out to that tweet series below and read people’s reactions to that.


Artificial intelligence has started to rapidly penetrate our lives. We saw an example of this with Boston Dynamics starting to use ChatGPT in their own robots. Of course, we cannot know for sure what the future holds. But don’t fall behind in this rapid development and start using ChatGPT now. ChatGPT Login.

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