Can ChatGPT solve LeetCode problems and why you should use it?

Yes, ChatGPT is quite proficient in coding and can also be employed to solve LeetCode problems. In this article, we will explain how you can utilize ChatGPT to solve LeetCode problems and why it’s beneficial to do so.

The Role of LeetCode in Skill Development

Problems on LeetCode are presented at various difficulty levels, catering to both novice and experienced developers. Solving these questions can enhance your programming skills and boost your algorithmic thinking ability. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to tackle problems similar to real-world scenarios, aiding in preparation for technical interviews.

By attempting and solving LeetCode problems, you can gain a better understanding of algorithms and data structures. Particularly, since these types of questions often arise in interviews at major software companies, preparing with them equips you for those scenarios as well.

Challenges Faced by LeetCode Users

While solving LeetCode problems can be highly effective for gaining practice, improving your knowledge, and honing your algorithmic skills, it can also become a time-consuming and tedious process.

Many software developers can express frustration with the extended duration, the level of effort required, and the difficulty in quickly finding answers. Some common issues encountered by those tackling LeetCode problems include their solutions not fully meeting the required needs, failing to satisfy all test cases, encountering runtime errors, and struggling to find explanatory responses and solution approaches on forums and websites.

Can ChatGPT solve LeetCode problems?

Indeed, ChatGPT can solve LeetCode problems within a rapid timeframe and achieve successful results.

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ChatGPT utilizes the GPT-3.5 language model by default. However, ChatGPT Plus members can also access the latest and most advanced model, GPT-4. The GPT-4 model outperforms GPT-3.5 in terms of solving LeetCode problems and can provide you with superior outcomes. Nevertheless, the GPT-3.5 model is capable of solving numerous LeetCode problems as well. It can demonstrate solution methods for a wide range of LeetCode problems in various languages, from JavaScript to Java, from C Sharp to Python, encompassing both popular and less well-known languages.

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How ChatGPT Can Help Us Solve LeetCode Problems?

Now we have an amazing artificial intelligence-powered assistant like ChatGPT. You can use ChatGPT much like having a software developer under your guidance, but one who is proficient in many programming languages and acts as a skilled programmer. Through interactive dialogues, you can receive assistance from ChatGPT while solving LeetCode problems, helping you enhance your skills and foster faster development in yourself.

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Due to its extensive training with vast amounts of data, ChatGPT can provide assistance in numerous programming languages and a variety of algorithmic questions, including LeetCode problems. With ChatGPT’s broad knowledge base, you can seek support, obtain answers to questions, identify shortcomings in your own questions or solution approaches, and consult ChatGPT quickly and freely without the need to search the internet, forums, or specialized problem-solving websites. This way, you can overcome obstacles and continue to develop yourself without wasting time. ChatGPT will contribute to your learning journey.

Why you should use ChatGPT for LeetCode problems

Now, let’s provide detailed information and share our experiences on why you should seek support from ChatGPT while solving LeetCode problems.

1. ChatGPT has an extensive range of programming languages

It’s knowledgeable in numerous both popular and less well-known programming languages. It can solve problems in any language you prefer.

chatgpt knows all programming languages

Normally, when searching for solutions and approaches to LeetCode problems, you might only find them in specific languages or not find them at all. However, ChatGPT can show you these solutions in your area of expertise or programming language. It can even help you translate these solutions to another programming language. With its broad programming language spectrum, ChatGPT allows you to see and solve problems in various languages, from Python to Java, from Go to JavaScript.

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2. ChatGPT can easily help us rectify errors in our algorithms

While solving LeetCode problems, if our answer is incorrect or the algorithm we’ve presented yields an incorrect result, it won’t pass the test cases and will end up being flawed.

chatgpt can detect erros in our code

For some problems, we can easily find solutions or approaches on the internet. However, when we can’t access solutions online or on forum sites, one of the most valuable resources available is ChatGPT.

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We can provide ChatGPT with the algorithm and problem we’re working on. In this scenario, we would mention that our algorithm is providing incorrect answers and failing to pass the test cases. ChatGPT can swiftly identify errors in your algorithm, help you locate the mistake, and contribute to your progress.

3. ChatGPT can resolve compile errors as well

While solving LeetCode problems, if you encounter a compile error, you can inform ChatGPT about it and ask which part of the code is causing the compile error. ChatGPT is proficient in this area too and can help you quickly identify your compile errors, aiding you in pinpointing the issue.

chatgpt can find syntax errors in our code

4. ChatGPT can easily identify edge cases

One of the most significant challenges we encounter while solving LeetCode problems is that even though our solution method is correct, it might not pass some of the unit tests.

It can be difficult at times to identify which unit tests our solution is failing. If you encounter such a situation, the process to follow is quite simple. Just explain the problem to ChatGPT, describe your solution approach, and mention that your solution is failing on some test scenarios. ChatGPT will quickly grasp your intention, understand your issue, why it’s failing on certain test scenarios, and provide you with the most accurate response.

5. ChatGPT can easily identify the reasons behind Time Limit Exceeded and Runtime Error issues

The another challenge encountered while solving LeetCode problems is when our solution takes too long and exceeds time limits or when it encounters runtime exceptions.

In solving such problems, the ultimate goal is to find a solution under specific conditions, and time complexity is one of these limitations. If our solution is taking too long, utilizing excessive recursion leading to elongated processes, or getting trapped in an infinite loop, or if we’re facing runtime exceptions that prevent completion, understanding the root cause on our own can be challenging at times.

In situations like these, as mentioned before, we can once again present the problem and our solution approach to ChatGPT. We can ask it where we are encountering the Time Limit Exceeded or Runtime Error issue, which part of the code is causing it, and how we can address it. ChatGPT will readily provide us with support in a prompt manner.

6. ChatGPT accelerates our learning processes.

Considering the reasons we’ve discussed so far, it can be said that the least favorable aspects of LeetCode problems are their tedium and time consumption.

Naturally, if we aim to improve ourselves while solving a problem, we should initially strive to solve it on our own, make mistakes, and identify the reasons behind those mistakes in order to enhance ourselves based on these insights.

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The most significant domain where ChatGPT can assist us is after we’ve tackled LeetCode problems independently. If we’ve struggled to find a solution or if we’ve managed to find one after a certain duration, we can consult ChatGPT to learn about the shortcomings of our solution.

This way, we can discover and learn about a better answer to our self-prepared response without navigating through websites or forums.

Another approach, if we couldn’t solve a problem, is to seek guidance from ChatGPT to learn the correct answer. We can even learn this correct answer in all desired programming languages, rapidly progress, and continue learning through ChatGPT’s assistance. With these capabilities, ChatGPT provides us with substantial time savings.

Interactive Learning with ChatGPT

ChatGPT actually possesses an often overlooked yet significant feature: it can provide us with an interactive learning experience, much like a personal tutor.

Interactive learning entails swiftly identifying our mistakes, actively engaging in the learning process, and advancing by correcting our answers to tackle more challenging problems. Thanks to its availability, accessibility, and the ability to engage in mutual dialogues just like speaking with a human, ChatGPT is an excellent resource for learning programming languages.

After all, we solve LeetCode problems to learn algorithmic thinking, gain a better grasp of data structures, develop in this field, and acquire practice. Through ChatGPT, we can interactively tap into its coding knowledge, quickly receive realtime feedback by sharing our mistakes, or submit problems to it for rapid responses, thereby accelerating our learning process.

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For instance, if you’re using ChatGPT for interactive learning and encounter a roadblock while solving a LeetCode problem, rather than directly looking up the solution, you can turn to ChatGPT.

Let’s say you communicate that you’re stuck at a particular stage and ask for some hints. If the initial hints aren’t enough, request more specific guidance from ChatGPT. It will provide you with hints for solving the problem. Like a seasoned developer or a team member, ChatGPT can act as a resource to you. With this feature, you can attempt to solve the problem with the hints from ChatGPT.

If you’re still unable to solve it, keep receiving different hints. If these approaches aren’t aiding your progress, eventually learn the solution method and repeat this process. Through this, you’ll have actively engaged your brain, pushed yourself to solve the problem, and undertaken the learning process.


In conclusion, ChatGPT can proficiently solve various LeetCode problems that you might encounter. Especially with the GPT-4 model, which is closer to human capabilities and even excels in certain areas, ChatGPT can be one of your most valuable aids when tackling LeetCode problems. Not only does ChatGPT solve LeetCode problems, but it can also present solutions in different languages if desired. It can even assist you in enhancing your self-prepared answers by pointing out shortcomings, errors, improvements, and how to make them more efficient in terms of time complexity. Thus, ChatGPT provides an interactive learning opportunity that extends beyond solving LeetCode problems.