ChatGPT Cryptocurrency Plugins: These will give you an edge

By using the power of ChatGPT plugins related to cryptocurrencies, you can gain a significant advantage in the market. Here, we will introduce you to five different ChatGPT cryptocurrency plugins, explaining how you can utilize them to stay ahead of the game.

Which ChatGPT crypto plugins are available?

We have compiled below the ChatGPT plugins that you can use in the world of crypto coins.

Plugin NameDescription
Token InsightsReal-time cryptocurrency prices for BTC, ETH, and BNB, along with market insights, coin news, and airdrop opportunities.
Smarter ContractsAnalysis of smart contracts and tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the need for external audits.
Fiscal NoteAccess to market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information, including bill impact on the cryptocurrency market.
Trading BroFinancial data for trading/learning, including earnings call, analyst views, DCF, sales details, and insider trading information.
Crypto Jobs ListJob and talent profiles in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 industries, with options to choose work type and location.
ChatGPT Crypto Plugins

How to use ChatGPT Crypto Plugins?

We need to activate the ChatGPT plugins first if we want to use ChatGPT for cryptocurrencies. You need to be a ChatGPT Plus member to use plugins feature.

To activate plugins, follow these steps after becoming a ChatGPT Plus member:

  1. Click on the settings tab in the left window in the browser.
  2. In the opened window, enable the plugin option in Beta features.

5+ ChatGPT crypto plugins

Here are 5 crypto plugins:

Token Insights

Token Insights plugin provides real-time cryptocurrency prices for BTC, ETH, BNB, along with the latest market insights, coin news, and airdrop opportunities.

After installing the plugin, you can request from ChatGPT something like, “Please provide me with the tokenomics of Cardano coin using Token Insights.

chatgpt token insights plugin

Previously, to obtain such information, you would have had to perform a search on a search engine and click on a website among dozens of options to learn about it.

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Smarter Contracts

This plugin analyzes smart contracts and tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, you no longer need to audit or trust external source.

After installation, you can use a prompt similar to: “Analyze this contract [contract name].

chatgpt plugin to analyze coin contracts


This plugin enables access to select market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information.

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To gain insights into the potential impact of proposed bills on the cryptocurrency market, you can utilize Fiscalnote. This plugin not only provides information on legal matters but offers a range of functionalities beyond that.

You can use a prompt like “Inform me if there are any proposed bills that might affect the cryptocurrency market.

chatgpt fiscal note

This will help you stay informed about legislative developments that could influence the industry’s future.

Trading Bro

This plugin gets financial data for your trading/learning: earning call, analyst view, DCF, sales details, insider trading etc.

You can use it to know the latest reports and compare them easily.

An example prompt would be: Give me a summary of [company]’s last earning report.

chatgpt trading plugin

For instance, I requested an analysis of Tesla company, and I was provided with the latest financial statement as of April 2023, along with a summarized overview of its key highlights.

Crypto Jobs List

This plugin help you find jobs in crypto, blockchain and web3 industries. To use that, you only need to choose the type of work and location.

An example prompt would be: “I want to find a [type of job] in [location]. Using Crypto Jobs List Plugin, inform me“.

If you are curious about how ChatGPT accomplishes all of this. To better understand it, you can take a look at how ChatGPT plugins work.


The cryptocurrency market is highly competitive. There a lot of sources on the internet today. Now, one of these sources is ChatGPT plugins.

By using specially designed ChatGPT plugins for the crypto market, you can conduct research and obtain information more easily.