ChatGPT For Interviews: How to Use ChatGPT for Any Interviews

You can use ChatGPT to prepare for any interviews. Here, we will explain how ChatGPT may help you prepare your interviews.

There is a saying that practice leads to perfection, but practicing for interviews may not always be easy. The interview environment requires arranging someone to conduct a mock interview and ask us appropriate questions.

While this may sound reasonable, creating such an environment or finding someone who can ask us those questions is not always simple. However, ChatGPT can assist us for that as well. It could be a job application or an interview for a master’s program, you can benefit from ChatGPT.

Why ChatGPT is a Useful Tool for Interview Preparation

Below, we have listed the reasons why ChatGPT is good to use before any interview.

  • Broad Knowledge Base: ChatGPT has a broad knowledge base that can be beneficial for any type of interview we may encounter.
  • Diverse Interview Scenarios: Whether it’s a job interview, a pilot interview, or a nursing interview, ChatGPT can provide insights and guidance for different types of interviews.
  • Interview Preparation: ChatGPT can offer valuable information on what to expect during interviews, including common interview questions, best practices, and effective communication strategies.
  • Mock Interview Practice: You can simulate a mock interview scenario with ChatGPT. This allows you to practice and refine your responses to different types of questions.
  • Availability and Accessibility: ChatGPT is available online 7/24. You can access it anytime and anywhere.
  • Confidence Building: By practicing with mock interviews, you can gain confidence and improve your interview performance.

How to Use ChatGPT to Prepare for any Interviews?

We recommend using certain tools with ChatGPT to streamline and enhance the realism of the mock interview process. These tools include the voice typing feature and the ability to listen to ChatGPT’s responses aloud.

Instead of typing each time and reading ChatGPT’s text, utilize the voice typing and voice-aloud features in the mobile application. You can check out our relevant article to learn how to do this.

Using ChatGPT for Interview Guidance

Before your interviews, explain to ChatGPT what kind of interview you will be attending. Ask about what to expect in these interviews and inquire about common questions that may be asked.

Below, you can find an example prompt that you can use for this purpose.

I will be attending a master’s program interview tomorrow at [Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business]. Do you know any similar interview questions for this interview? What should I pay attention to? How are interviews conducted at universities in the USA?

ChatGPT can provide guidance on what to expect during interviews.

chatgpt for interviews

Using ChatGPT for Mock-Up Interview

Mock exams are practice exams that help us familiarize ourselves with the format and content of the actual exam. They allow us to reduce exam anxiety, build our self-confidence, and assess our preparedness.

We can use ChatGPT for mock interviews to practice and refine our interview skills. We can receive feedback, and improve our performance before our actual interview.

To use ChatGPT for a mock interview, we need to first familiarize it with the interview format and specify the field in which we will be interviewed. Here’s an example prompt to introduce the format and provide context:

Imagine you are conducting a technical interview with a software developer expert. You will be the interviewer, asking questions, and I will respond as the interviewee. Please proceed with the interview by asking technical questions relevant to the software development field. Feel free to ask follow-up questions and engage in a conversation as needed. Let’s make it as realistic as possible.

chatgpt mockup interview

Asking ChatGPT to help you answer common interview questions

You can also seek help from ChatGPT to learn the answers to frequently asked interview questions.

You can learn how to answer a previously asked interview question from ChatGPT without the need for searches on Google.


ChatGPT is a great tool for practicing interviews. It has vast knowledge and is available 24/7. You can simulate different roles and conduct mock interviews. It provides sample questions and their answers.