ChatGPT Plus: What is it and what it offers?

ChatGPT Plus is an upgraded subscription offering presented by OpenAI about two months post the launch of ChatGPT.

In this write-up, we delve into the benefits of ChatGPT Plus, its cost, the usage method, how to become a subscriber of ChatGPT Plus, and the procedure to terminate your ChatGPT Plus subscription. By going through this exhaustive article, you can acquire a holistic knowledge of ChatGPT Plus and its functionalities in virtually every respect.

What exactly is ChatGPT Plus?

ChatGPT Plus is a service declared by OpenAI on February 1, 2023, via a blog post. It’s a premium subscription for ChatGPT delivering quicker replies, improved accessibility, and early admittance to novel features. To utilize ChatGPT Plus, a monthly charge is necessary.

How much is ChatGPT Plus?

The cost of a ChatGPT Plus membership is $20 each month. This pricing is uniform across all nations, hence it doesn’t vary based on your geographical location. The cost remains the same for every user at present. ChatGPT Plus membership isn’t complimentary.

Whether the current fee of the ChatGPT Plus subscription is worth it is entirely your decision, much like a personal preference. We have explored this topic extensively in a related blog post.

OpenAI has yet to reveal any details about whether the cost will go up or down in the future. The daily operation cost of ChatGPT fluctuates between $700,000 to $900,000. The intention behind launching the paid subscription of ChatGPT Plus and earning income from it is to offset these operational expenses of ChatGPT.

Do ChatGPT Plus members get access to the GPT-4 model?

ChatGPT Plus members are privileged with access to the GPT-4 model. GPT-4 is the most recent GPT model launched by OpenAI on March 14, 2023. While ordinary ChatGPT members can only utilize the GPT-3.5 model, ChatGPT Plus members have the advantage of using both the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. Learn how to use GPT-4 model in ChatGPT.

What benefits does ChatGPT Plus offer?

ChatGPT Plus members get quicker responses and priority access during high-demand peak hours. They can also make use of the GPT-4 model and receive early access to freshly introduced features like ChatGPT plugins.

1. Faster Response Times

ChatGPT Plus members receive replies up to three times faster compared to ordinary ChatGPT members. This feature helps you save time by getting faster responses, eradicating the necessity to wait for ChatGPT to reply.

2. Priority Access

ChatGPT Plus members always have privileged access to ChatGPT. Especially during peak usage times when there is a high demand or limited availability for ChatGPT, accessing ChatGPT can become problematic, and users may encounter a “capacity reached” message. However, with the privileged access granted to ChatGPT Plus members, they are prioritized, ensuring that they can access ChatGPT without facing any availability issues.

3. Access to the GPT-4 Model

The GPT-4 model is the latest iteration of the GPT model and has been trained with at least 10 times more parameters from its predecessor GPT-3. ChatGPT Plus members have the benefit of using the GPT-4 model in their interactions. Utilizing this model allows you to obtain more sophisticated, accurate, and reasoning-based responses. It equips you to receive more knowledgeable answers.

4. Access to Recent Features

ChatGPT is continuously evolving, and OpenAI keeps adding new features, with ChatGPT plugins being one of them. Currently, access to ChatGPT plugins is exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus members. By being ChatGPT Plus subscriber you have the privilege to access these types of new features early.

5. ChatGPT Plugins, Web Browsing and Code Interpreter

A key feature available to ChatGPT Plus members is the use of ChatGPT Plugins. These plugins are additional tools that can enhance your interaction with ChatGPT by adding features not usually present.

For example, some plugins may allow ChatGPT to carry out specific tasks or interact with other software or apps. They are easy to install and use, and as a Plus member, you’ll get exclusive access to them as they’re released.

Web Browsing is another exciting feature available for Plus members. This capability allows ChatGPT to “browse” the internet in a read-only mode for up-to-date information, which can be incredibly useful for obtaining the most recent data or understanding context when you’re asking about ongoing events.

Code Interpreter is a feature that provides you a sandboxed Python environment where you can execute Python code to perform any task you like. With this feature you can upload a file to ChatGPT, execute Python code and ask data analysis.

These added features bring a new level of versatility and usefulness to ChatGPT Plus, making it a highly beneficial tool for a wide range of tasks.

Is Subscribing ChatGPT Plus worth it?

Based on our own experiences and usage, we can say that it’s entirely a personal preference. You can connect to ChatGPT without being a ChatGPT Plus subscriber and accomplish what you want, but the responses you receive will be much slower compared to having a Plus subscription. Additionally, without being a Plus subscriber, you won’t have the opportunity to use plugins or access GPT-4 model. Even without using these features, you can still achieve what you desire. However, as a Plus subscriber, you can access and use plugins even during peak times and receive faster responses. Therefore, the answer to this question is entirely personal, and we suggest checking out our relevant resource on whether ChatGPT Plus worth buying where we shared our personal experience.

Subscribing to ChatGPT Plus Membership

To upgrade to a ChatGPT Plus membership, you’ll need to have a basic ChatGPT account. This can be easily set up by verifying your email address and phone number. Once you’ve established your free membership, here’s how to proceed:

  • Step 1: Log into your account. If you’re already part of the ChatGPT community, excellent! Just log in using your credentials.
  • Step 2: Find the Upgrade to Plus button. Locate and click on the “Upgrade to Plus” button found on the left-side menu.
  • Step 3: Select Your Plan. Upon clicking the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ button, a pop-up menu will appear displaying details about both the free and the Plus plan. To proceed with the upgrade, click on the ‘Upgrade Plan’ button.
  • Step 4: Input payment details. At this stage, you’ll be asked to input your credit card information for the payment. Fill in your details accordingly.
  • Step 5: Click the Subscribe button. Once you’ve filled in your details, press the ‘Subscribe’ button. This action will process your payment and finalize your upgrade to a Plus subscription.

After completing Step 5, the upgrade to the ChatGPT Plus plan is complete. A confirmation message similar to the one below will appear on the screen.

If you fail to make the payment for the subsequent month, your ChatGPT Plus subscription will be cancelled, and you will lose access to the ChatGPT Plus features. It’s crucial to ensure that you have sufficient funds or an active payment method on file to avoid service interruptions. If you encounter any issues with your payment or subscription, ChatGPT support is available to assist.

Accepted Payment Methods

As of now, ChatGPT accepts payments exclusively via credit card. Therefore, payments for ChatGPT Plus cannot currently be made using PayPal, credit/debit card, or Bitcoin.

Discounts and Coupon Codes

At the moment, there are no discounts or coupon codes available for ChatGPT Plus. However, keep an eye on the ChatGPT website or their social media accounts for future promotions or discounts. We will provide updates as soon as new discount opportunities become available.

Refund Policy

If you’re a resident of the EU, UK, or Turkey, and cancel your ChatGPT Plus subscription within 14 days of purchase, you qualify for a refund. To request a refund, use the chat widget on the ChatGPT website, select “Billing,” then “I need a refund”. Otherwise, refunds are not available.

How to use ChatGPT Plus?

Using ChatGPT Plus is straightforward once your account is upgraded. Simply log into ChatGPT and start interacting with it. You’ll observe quicker responses and you will recognize that you can select GPT-4 model to answer your questions.

How to use GPT-4 Model?

With your Plus membership, two options will appear on the ChatGPT homepage: GPT-3.5 and the GPT-4 model. To utilize the GPT-4 model, select this option and begin asking your questions. The GPT-4 model will generate your answers.

How to utilize ChatGPT Plugins?

A key benefit of the ChatGPT Plus membership is the ability to use ChatGPT plugins. Here are the steps to use plugins:

  • Select the GPT-4 model on the main screen.
  • Hover over the GPT-4 model, and you’ll see a default option and a plugin option. Select the plugin option.
  • If you haven’t used any plugins before, select the option that says ‘No plugin enabled’ to go to the plugin store.
  • Choose and install your desired plugin from the store. Then return to the main page.
  • Activate your installed plugin on the main page before sending a prompt to ChatGPT. This enables ChatGPT to utilize the plugin when generating responses.

How to Cancel ChatGPT Plus Subscription?

You’re free to cancel your ChatGPT Plus membership at any point. Remember, the memberships are monthly. If you cancel before the end of your billing period, your membership will remain active for the rest of the period. Afterward, your membership will end.

Unless you cancel it, your membership will auto-renew. If you can’t complete the payment for the next period, your membership will not continue, and you will revert to the regular plan.

  • Log into your ChatGPT account
  • Click on the My Plan button on the sidebar
  • Click on Manage My Subscription button
  • Click on the Cancel Plan button


ChatGPT Plus offers a premium experience for those seeking quicker responses and access to the latest GPT model. With the price of $20 per month, it can be a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike. However, the decision to subscribe should be made based on personal needs and budget considerations.

As of now, ChatGPT Plus seems to be OpenAI’s strategy to offset its operational costs and continue providing free access to ChatGPT for as many users as possible. It’s always exciting to see how these AI models evolve and the impact they have on various aspects of our lives.