Why Does ChatGPT Require Phone Number Verification?

OpenAI / ChatGPT requires users to verify their phone numbers when creating a new account. Here, we will explain the reasons behind this requirement.

Why Does ChatGPT Ask for Phone Number Verification?

ChatGPT uses phone number verification for security reasons. Verifying your phone number is important to ensure the application is safe and reliable for everyone.

OpenAI has also explained this situation in their website.

chatgpt asks for phone number when signing-up

Here are some reasons why ChatGPT requires a phone number:

1. Enhancing User Security

The association of a phone number with each ChatGPT account significantly enhances user security.

The aim for every user to be a real individual is to prevent unwanted users such as malicious software from accessing the platform.

2. Limiting Misuse and Abuse

Requiring phone verification helps prevent misuse and bad behavior on ChatGPT. Asking for a phone number during sign-up promotes responsible usage and discourages people with bad intentions from taking advantage of the system.

3. Reducing Spam and Fake Accounts

Through phone verification, ChatGPT effectively reduces spam and the presence of fake accounts.

4. Following the Rules of the Community

Ensuring a positive experience for everyone is a priority for ChatGPT. Phone verification aids in identifying and monitoring accounts that violate the platform’s rules.

5. One Account per Person

Having users provide their phone numbers during registration ensures that each person has only one account. This promotes fairness and ensures that each user has a unique account linked to their identity, enhancing overall trust in the ChatGPT platform.

Is it safe to provide my phone number to ChatGPT?

Providing your phone number is safe according to ChatGPT’s statement.

They assured that they use phone numbers only for verifying accounts and are dedicated to safeguarding user privacy. Your phone number will not be utilized for any other reason apart from ensuring security.

Can I use ChatGPT without providing my phone number?

No, you can’t use ChatGPT without verifying your phone number.

During the sign-up process, phone number verification is mandatory to access and utilize the services of ChatGPT.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers are not accepted; you need an active mobile number for verification.

Can I use my phone number for multiple accounts?

You can use the same phone number to verify a maximum of two different accounts. Beyond that, you will need another valid phone number for additional account verifications.

Can I unlink my phone number after creating a ChatGPT account?

Currently, ChatGPT does not offer an option to unlink or change the phone number associated with your account once it has been confirmed during the registration process.

However, if you have concerns about your phone number, you have the option to delete your ChatGPT account at any time.

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“Too Many Attempts” / “Too Many Verification Requests” Error

If you encounter the “Too Many Phone Verification Requests” error while trying to verify your phone number with OpenAI, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Wait and Retry: First, wait for a 24-hour period before attempting the verification again. This will give the system time to reset your verification request counter.
  2. Double-check Phone Number: Ensure that you have entered the correct phone number, including the appropriate country code. Typos or errors in the phone number can lead to verification problems.
  3. Check Network Connection: Make sure your phone has a stable network connection and can receive SMS messages. Network issues or poor connectivity can cause verification failures.
  4. Check for Blocked Numbers or “Do Not Disturb” Settings: Verify that you have not blocked any phone numbers or enabled “Do Not Disturb” settings that may prevent you from receiving SMS messages.
  5. Ensure Device is Powered On: Confirm that your device is powered on and has sufficient signal strength to receive SMS messages.
  6. Check SMS Reception: Make sure you are receiving SMS messages from other services or contacts. If you are not receiving any SMS messages, there may be an issue with your phone or carrier.
  7. Avoid Text-Blocker Applications: If you are using any text-blocker applications, consider disabling them temporarily for the verification process.

“Detected suspicious behavior from phone numbers similar to yours” Error?

If you receive the “Detected suspicious behavior from phone numbers similar to yours” error, it indicates that the system has detected unusual activity or patterns associated with phone numbers similar to yours. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Wait and Retry: Give it some time, ranging from a few hours to 24 hours, before attempting the verification again. This allows the system to reevaluate the activity associated with similar phone numbers.
  2. Double-check Phone Number: Ensure that you have correctly entered your phone number, including the appropriate country code, without any mistakes.
  3. Verify Network Connection: Check that your phone has a stable network connection to receive SMS messages without delays.

The Countries Supported for WhatsApp Phone Verification

The supported countries for WhatsApp phone verification are listed below:

Country CodeCountry Name
“SA”Saudi Arabia
“AE”United Arab Emirates