How to contact ChatGPT or OpenAI support team?

Here, we’ll explain how to contact the OpenAI or ChatGPT support team.

If you encounter difficulties while using ChatGPT and can’t resolve them on your own, you can check out our blog for guidance. If your issue remains unresolved, you should seek assistance from the ChatGPT support team.

How to contact OpenAI or ChatGPT support?

There are various methods that you can use to contact ChatGPT or OpenAI support team. We have listed options below:

Contacting ChatGPT support online

You can contact the support team through online messaging. Follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the OpenAI help address at If you’ve logged into your ChatGPT account, you can also access this address through “Help & FAQ” option in settings section.
  2. Click on the chat bubble icon located in the bottom right corner.
  3. Then, login to your ChatGPT account and use the “Help” button to start a conversation on this bubble.
  4. If you don’t have an account or can’t log in, you can still reach them by selecting the chat bubble icon on the same page.
chatgpt support online

Take a look at the section for frequently asked questions

Another method is to take a look at OpenAI’s prepared Frequently Asked Questions section.

The problems we encounter may have been experienced by someone else before, and the solutions to these problems may have been documented and shared.

So, it’s a good idea to review this section to see if there’s an explanation for the issue you’re experiencing.

Contacting ChatGPT support via email

Another way to get help is by sending an email to the OpenAI support team. If you have a more complex or detailed problem that requires assistance, emailing them is a convenient option.

You can reach ChatGPT support by sending an email to

When composing an email to ChatGPT support, make sure to clearly and concisely describe the issue you’re facing. Include any relevant files or screenshots that can help the support team understand the problem better. Keep your email short and focused, providing precise and direct answers.

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Keep in mind that when sending an email, it may take longer to receive a response compared to using the online chat option. Additionally, remember to check your spam or junk folder in case the response from ChatGPT support ends up there.

Getting support through social media

Currently, ChatGPT doesn’t have a dedicated social media account for support services. However, you can seek help by reaching out to OpenAI’s Twitter account.

If you want to get support for ChatGPT through social media, you can tag or mention the ChatGPT account while asking your question.

This way, other people who encounter your problem before can also contribute and offer support based on their own experiences. Even if OpenAI doesn’t respond, reaching out through social media can be a great option to seek help and connect with the community.

Is there a phone number to contact ChatGPT or OpenAI for support?

Currently, ChatGPT support doesn’t offer a direct phone number for contacting them. The available options to reach out to ChatGPT customer support are through chat or email, as mentioned earlier.

However, if you prefer phone communication, you can request a callback from OpenAI support by reaching out to them via chat or email. Make sure to provide your phone number and specify a convenient time for the call.