Unlocking Creative Profits: Mastering Quick and Easy Content Creation With ChatGPT – Forget the usual methods

Today, I’m going to explain to you step by step how you can quickly generate original high-quality content using ChatGPT. By the end of this, you will have automated content generation using artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, elevating your efficiency to the next level.

You can apply this method while preparing your thesis, crafting articles in an original manner, generating content for your website, and for various other approaches that come to mind.

Once you’re able to produce quality and original content, monetizing it becomes quite straightforward. The real key lies in being able to consistently generate high-quality and original content in short periods of time. So, how can you achieve this? All the information about that is detailed in the continuation of the article.

Can content be generated by ChatGPT?

Certainly, ChatGPT is already a part of the subset of artificial intelligence known as Generative AI. Generative AI’s have the capability to generate content such as text, images, and even audio. ChatGPT is a language model that can produce text as output, making it capable of generating content. However, the quality of the content it generates depends on various factors.

How high-quality content can ChatGPT generate?

The quality of content that ChatGPT can generate is indeed proportional to the quality of the prompts you provide. OpenAI’s GPT models, which ChatGPT uses, are proficient at content generation, but they can occasionally produce hallucinatory responses, meaning responses that are not based in reality. Additionally, the content generated by ChatGPT doesn’t always have to be original, and it doesn’t guarantee accuracy or authenticity.

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If you can fine-tune your prompts effectively, essentially by providing well-structured prompts, you can receive better responses. This principle applies to generating content with ChatGPT as well. However, in this article, we won’t be explaining how to create content from scratch using ChatGPT. Today, our focus is on a different aspect: how to get the most original and highest-quality content by using our own information by taking advantage from AI tools.

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How can you earn money by generating content?

As a content creator, you can sell articles to website owners on desired topics. You can earn money per view by publishing your articles on platforms like Medium. By opening a blog site in an area you’re interested in, you can monetize through affiliate marketing or advertisements, targeting visitors who come to read your articles.

However, the key here is producing high-quality and original content. Website owners generally prefer content that reflects your own input rather than just content generated by artificial intelligence. Since ChatGPT is accessible to everyone, relying on standard methods that everyone uses may lead to a lower chance of producing truly unique and high-quality content.

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Creating quality content does take time. But the main focus we’ve discussed today is precisely this: being able to write original and high-quality content in short periods of time.

How to use ChatGPT for original content creation in a quick and easy way?

Once you have knowledge about a subject, the real challenge lies in translating it into written form using a keyboard. This process can be quite time-consuming and exhausting.

However, by utilizing artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT or other AI tools from OpenAI, we can automate this process and accomplish what would normally take hours in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Moreover, you can do this not only in your native language but also in many other languages.

Automatization of Content Creation

1. Use WhisperAI in ChatGPT Mobile

Whisper.ai helps turn spoken words into text and is currently available as a default feature in ChatGPT’s mobile app.

chatgpt whisper ai

To use it:

  1. Open the ChatGPT mobile app and log in.
  2. On the screen, you’ll find a icon next to right side of the text box.
  3. Click on it to activate Whisper.ai.
  4. Then, start speaking as if you’re typing out the text for the content you want to create. Express your thoughts verbally, just like you would in writing.

This way, tasks that usually take a long time to write can be completed within seconds by speaking. Whisper.ai will then convert your spoken words into text.

Currently, Whisper AI can only be used on mobile devices. If you want to use voice typing features on your desktop, you can make use of various Chrome extensions.

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2. Share the content with another device if necessary

You now have the converted text of your spoken words by WhisperAI.

However, before using it directly, we might need to go through various processes that could require transferring this text. To enable these processes, you might need to move or transfer this text.

For instance, you might prefer to perform these actions on your desktop device instead of your phone.

So, start by copying the generated text and then you can either share it directly or paste it into a Notepad application. Once you’ve pasted the content, you can share it with another phone or your computer as you wish.

You can use methods like AirDrop on a MacBook to quickly share it with your computer.

3. Modify the transcribed content with ChatGPT

In the third step, there’s the part where you might want to modify this text. Using our conversation directly in our article might not be the best approach.

Therefore, what I do is I take this text, paste it back into ChatGPT, and say to it, “Understand the meaning of the text I’ve sent you and rephrase it in a better way.”

chatgpt modify content prompt

Alternatively, you can adjust this according to your needs; you could ask it to express it more professionally or change the tone as per your preference. You might even request the text to be modified in a style that you find suitable. Essentially, you can ask for any modifications to be applied to this text that come to your mind. You may even ask for translating it to another language

4. You are ready to go!

Up to this point, we’ve created a text by speaking. We’ve then taken this text back to ChatGPT to make various improvements and carry out desired revisions.

All of this happens within seconds because artificial intelligence is incredibly fast. Moving forward, if we want to write an article and intend to sell it, we can publish and share this article in various ways. Whether it’s in a Word document or on WordPress, you have the option to monetize it and potentially earn money from it.


In conclusion, anyone can use ChatGPT, and anyone can have articles or content generated by ChatGPT. However, if the prompts used are not very detailed, the articles produced by ChatGPT might end up similar or alike.

Instead, here, we’ve utilized our own knowledge and expertise to create content in an original manner. By expressing our ideas verbally without the need for traditional typing and leveraging ChatGPT for editing, we’ve accomplished this process within short timeframes.

The result is original, high-quality content that appears as if we’ve spent hours crafting and typing it out ourselves. With the help of ChatGPT’s AI technology, we can easily transform this content into different languages.