5+ Exciting Examples of Using ChatGPT with Images

It is now possible to use ChatGPT with images. You can upload any image to ChatGPT and ask it what you want to know about that picture. Here, we will share some exciting examples of using ChatGPT with the image uploading feature.

Using ChatGPT with images is indeed a powerful feature. Now, you can ask customized questions to ChatGPT not only with text but also by sending images. This means that the possibilities for using ChatGPT are expanding even further.

Examples of Using ChatGPT with Image Input

We have shared example scenarios here that demonstrate the areas where you can use ChatGPT with image input. You can take inspiration from these exciting example scenarios or even try them out yourself.

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Developing a Website From A Scratch

One of the Twitter users with early access to ChatGPT’s image input feature uploaded a photo of a web design they sketched in a notebook and requested ChatGPT to develop the codes for this website.

ChatGPT quickly converted the uploaded image into HTML and CSS code, which you can test for appearance using an online editor or a code editor tool like VS Code.

This means that even if you’ve only sketched the design of your dream website on paper or created it through a design program, when you upload this screenshot to ChatGPT and ask it to turn it into a real website, it quickly provides you with the codes.

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Transform Your Team’s White Boarding Session into Code

The same user shows that when they upload a white boarding session picture to ChatGPT and ask it to convert the design into code, ChatGPT successfully does it.

White boarding sessions are rough sketches where you imagine and outline how you will execute a project with a developer team.

You can upload a simple flowchart to ChatGPT, even without a detailed design. When you ask it to turn this sketch into code, ChatGPT can successfully transform your idea into working code.

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This is a highly powerful feature because it shows that ChatGPT can not only transform designs but also convert flowcharts that are still in the conceptual stage.

Repair Household Items

Another example comes directly from OpenAI. In a blog post where OpenAI mentioned the introduction of the image input feature to ChatGPT, they also demonstrated a sample scenario in which this feature can be used.

chatgpt upload image

Based on this scenario, when you upload a picture of a bicycle to ChatGPT and ask how to lower the bike seat, it demonstrates how it can assist you solely based on the image you provided.

chatgpt take image

Moreover, in the continuation of the conversation, if you send a picture of your toolbox, it can successfully show you which tool from that kit can be used to lower the bike seat.

chatgpt toolbox image upload

Taking this into account, it’s reasonable to say that you can also use ChatGPT’s image input feature to upload a picture of a broken lamp, faucet, television, or any household item and ask how to repair it. ChatGPT can potentially assist you in these repair scenarios as well.

Indeed, in the past, if you didn’t want to call a repair person, you would have to research online to understand how a household item can be fixed.

However, thanks to ChatGPT with image, you can now simply take a picture of the broken item and get assistance from ChatGPT directly.

Complete Homework Quickly

Another example comes from yet another Twitter user. This Twitter user uploaded a picture of a homework assignment given by a teacher to ChatGPT. They requested ChatGPT to solve the questions on this paper one by one.

ChatGPT, by understanding the content of this question paper, provided the answers to each question individually.

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Therefore, you no longer need to ask questions one by one to ChatGPT by copying and pasting or typing them manually, as in the past. You can upload the homework assignment to ChatGPT and get the answers to the questions from it.

The user who shared this post titled it “Kids Will Never Do Homework Again.”

Breaking Down an Image to Learn

You can use the ChatGPT image input feature not only to complete assignments quickly but also to enhance your learning process at school.

In the example below, ChatGPT simplifies a complex representation of a human cell diagram that may initially seem intricate to the human eye. It breaks down the functions of all the components depicted here.

This also means that you have a tutor at your fingertips with ChatGPT. By providing prompts that indicate your grade level and your current knowledge, you can help ChatGPT give you more personalized responses.