How to Use AI for Logo Creation from Your Sketches in 5 seconds?

With artificial intelligence technology, it’s possible to transform hand-drawn sketches into a real logo. Here, we’ll show you how to do this using OpenAI’s GPT-4 Vision and DALL·E-3 models.

GPT-Vision + DALL-E 3 for Sketch to Logo

To convert sketches into a real logo, we will make use of the Bing Chat application. For this process, first, go to or download the Bing app.

Select the “More Creative” option from the “Choose a Conversation Style” menu.

bing chat more creative mode

With the GPT-4 model, you can now upload images. Since Bing Chat uses the GPT-4 model, it supports this feature.

In the second step, upload the logo design you’ve drawn to Bing, and then ask, “Can you describe this logo sketch in detail?”

upload your sketch

Afterward, copy the response given by the Bing Chat application to your request. In your next prompt, use this response to request a logo design with the specified features.

from sketch to logo

Bing AI will prepare various logos for you with these features. In this step, review the alternatives provided by Bing. If the logos are not as you desire, you can always request new iterations to change the features you don’t like. You can also ask Bing AI to add new details or features to the logo.

bing ai sketch logos

Download the logo you like, and if you wish, you can make further edits to these logos using applications like Photoshop or Canva. Alternatively, you can use them as they are.

That’s all. Using artificial intelligence technology, you’ve transformed your hand-drawn logo designs into real logos within seconds.