How I had ChatGPT prepare my CV and got accepted for the job

In this article, I will share the story of how I envisioned getting accepted into my dream job by having ChatGPT help me prepare my resume.

ChatGPT, which has made a significant impact since its launch, is a product of artificial intelligence. You can use this AI product in various areas of your life, from developing a mobile application to extracting book summaries. As an experiment, I had ChatGPT help me write my CV, and I was quite pleased with the results. Now, let’s discuss the advantages of using ChatGPT for writing CVs.

The advantages of having ChatGPT write a CV for you

The process of preparing CVs can sometimes be quite time-consuming and mentally exhausting. To create CVs with professional quality, many tools have been developed, but these tools often come with a cost.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, overcomes these barriers and provides us with the opportunity to prepare CVs in very short periods. Its capabilities extend beyond just quickly crafting CVs.

1. ChatGPT offers support for multiple languages

ChatGPT is not limited to generating text only in English. Although the GPT-4 model has an advantage over the GPT-3 model in handling different languages, you can use ChatGPT to write a CV in any language you want. For instance, you can easily translate a CV prepared in English into German, Japanese, or any other language that comes to mind. With its ability to support multiple languages, ChatGPT can be a valuable aid for your job applications abroad.

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2. ChatGPT can enhance the CV you’ve already prepared

One of the most significant features of ChatGPT is its ability to engage in interactive dialogues. This feature goes beyond just creating a new CV from scratch. If you wish, you can share your existing CV that you believe needs some improvements or enhancements.

ChatGPT can easily make the desired modifications to the text you provide. It can even suggest new improvement methods that you might not have thought of and implement them. Thanks to its interactive dialogue capability, you can request multiple revisions and continually refine your CV, taking it to the next level each time.

3. ChatGPT can employ a professional language and tone

One of the challenges I faced was maintaining the appropriate tone and language of the professional world while crafting my CV, without drifting away from everyday language.

ChatGPT makes it easy and comfortable to adjust the style in such situations. It can rewrite your existing CV with a professional tone and language, or if you’re starting from scratch, you can guide it to ensure your CV is composed with quality and professionalism. Leverage ChatGPT’s ability to effortlessly adjust the style of sentences as an advantage.

4. Ability to Customize for Specific Roles

One of the most crucial aspects of a job application, internship application, or scholarship application is alignment. It’s essential to match the criteria of the job or scholarship and reflect this alignment in your CV.

You might want to customize your existing CV based on the CVs of individuals currently employed in that position or based on feedback you’ve received. You may need to rephrase sentences. This is where ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence come into play. Just explaining the specifics of the role to it is sufficient. When ChatGPT reads and understands the job’s requirements or description, it can adapt your CV accordingly.

Having a CV tailored more closely to the job description or application requirements can significantly enhance your chances of acceptance.

5. Rapid CV Preparation

ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model. This feature allows it to quickly generate text, make formatting changes, or create CVs in a matter of seconds. For example, I was able to have ChatGPT prepare my CV in just under 15 seconds. However, if I were to go through a professional agency, it would have taken at least a day to get results. The ability to provide such rapid support is one of its most significant advantages.

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6. Easy and Free Access

Another crucial point is the easy accessibility of ChatGPT. All you need to do is connect to ChatGPT through the mobile app or website and start conversing. And the best part? It’s free.

While ChatGPT’s Plus model comes with a monthly fee of $20, you can still create your CV using the standard model. Currently, the standard model is free of charge, without any fees involved.

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Its easy accessibility and free nature allow you to conduct multiple trial-and-error tests, request new revisions until you find the best CV, all without spending a dime. If you were to have a professional agency prepare your CV, you would have to pay a fee for their services. However, with ChatGPT, this paradigm seems to be gradually changing. It can successfully craft impressive CVs without demanding payment in return.

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How I made a job application with the CV prepared by ChatGPT

Now let me share the story of how I used the CV I had ChatGPT prepare to secure acceptance.

1. Investigating

First and foremost, I had researched the job’s responsibilities and duties to gain a better understanding. I even delved into the LinkedIn profiles of individuals working in similar positions to see what they had written in their job descriptions. I gathered various insights from these profiles and took notes accordingly.

examine linkedin profile

2. Introducing Myself to ChatGPT

Afterward, I approached ChatGPT and began by introducing myself. I shared details about where I graduated from, my current job, and a brief overview of my responsibilities. I elaborated on the areas of expertise I possessed. In fact, I even provided ChatGPT with a copy of my own CV and taught it that this was my current CV.

Next, I shared the job listing for the position I wanted to apply for with ChatGPT. I also included the current job description and responsibilities of an employee working in that role. Using all these details, I requested ChatGPT to create a high-quality CV written in a professional tone. I asked it to incorporate these pieces of information into the details I would provide about myself.

3. Preparing CV

I asked it to express the details of where I graduated from, my experiences up until now, and my hobbies in a more professional and polished manner, essentially requesting a refinement of the content in my current CV with added eloquence.

After all of this, ChatGPT provided me with a truly high-quality CV text, meeting the desired criteria. I first copied the text into a Word document and then converted it into a PDF. Next, I carefully reviewed the CV and identified areas I believed were lacking or could be further improved. I asked ChatGPT whether it could enhance those sections where improvements were possible or provide better alternatives.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most crucial features of ChatGPT is its ability to engage in interactive dialogues and recall past conversations. This feature essentially makes it like having an employee under your supervision—one who is skilled and capable of handling various tasks proficiently. After preparing the CV, I requested additional revisions from ChatGPT and it made improvements accordingly. I integrated these revisions by updating the CV to its final version.

What if it’s noticed that I had ChatGPT prepare my CV?

One of the most pressing questions that might have crossed your mind is what happens if the employer realizes that your CV was prepared by ChatGPT.

It’s understandable to have concerns about leaving a favorable impression if it’s discovered that your CV was generated with AI assistance. However, based on our chat experiences, we can say that it’s highly unlikely for an employer to recognize this.

Of course, this assumes you haven’t left overtly obvious sentences in your CV that indicate it was written by ChatGPT. For instance, if your CV contains phrases like “ChatGPT-generated content” or “As a language model, I cannot provide you,” then it would be clear that you’ve used ChatGPT. However, if you’ve avoided such telltale phrases and your CV is composed of professionally written sentences, it’s virtually impossible for your employer to discern this.

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Detection tools might sometimes produce false positive results and cannot provide definitive certainty. Additionally, ChatGPT is capable of passing even the Turing test and can generate content that might not be detectable by platforms like Turnitin. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about this aspect.

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In conclusion, I can confidently say that moving forward, I’ll be utilizing ChatGPT’s assistance to create both CVs and resumes. Even if I don’t compose the entire document using it, I intend to seek its support for a significant portion, effectively channeling my time into endeavors that truly matter.

With ChatGPT being free, easily accessible, capable of revisions, flexible in adjusting its tone, and highly customizable, it’s a fantastic tool for crafting your CV with AI support. It’s an experience worth trying, and I encourage you to share your evaluations with us as well.