How to turn off the automatic conversation saving in ChatGPT?

You can prevent your chat history from being automatically saved in ChatGPT. Here, we will explain how you can disable the automatic saving of chat history in ChatGPT.

Things you should know before we begin

  • Conversations you have in ChatGPT are automatically saved and used by OpenAI to improve and train the model. The data from these conversations is utilized for ChatGPT’s self-improvement purposes.
  • By disabling the automatic saving feature, you also prevent your data from being used for training ChatGPT. This means that the conversations you have will no longer contribute to the model’s training.
  • Even if you disable this feature, it is still not recommended to share sensitive information with ChatGPT. It is always important to exercise caution and avoid sharing personal or confidential details.
  • When you turn off this feature, OpenAI still retains past conversations for a period of 30 days. This retention is done for the purpose of monitoring and preventing misuse of the data, even after the automatic saving is disabled.

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How to Disable Chat History Feature in ChatGPT

You can disable automatic chat history saving both on the ChatGPT mobile application and through your web browser. Here’s how.

On the Web Browser:

disable chatgpt chat history
  1. Go to the ChatGPT website at and log in to your account.
  2. On the homepage, locate the left-hand menu and hover over or click on your account name at the bottom.
  3. Click on the “Settings” button that appears.
  4. In the pop-up window that opens, navigate to the “Data Control” tab.
  5. From there, find the “Chat History & Training” option and set it to the “Disable” position.

On mobile application:

turn off chat history in mobile
  1. Open the ChatGPT mobile application and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on the three-dot icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. From the options that appear, select “Settings.”
  4. In the settings menu, navigate to the “Data Control” tab.
  5. Find the option for “Chat History & Training” and turn it off.

Once you turn off, ChatGPT will no longer automatically save your conversations. Each time you begin a new chat, the previous conversation will not be saved.

Additionally, by disabling this feature, you are also preventing your chat history from being used as input data to train ChatGPT for its own improvement purposes. Take a look at OpenAI’s relevant page for more information.

Note that this setting does not synchronize across different browsers or devices. You will need to enable it individually on each device. For example, if you disable this feature on your browser, it will still be active on your mobile device when you log in with the same account.

There are more features you should be aware of

OpenAI keeps adding new features to ChatGPT. So there’s more you can do with it than just preventing your chats from being saved automatically. Here are some other things you can try out:

  • Share conversations: With ChatGPT, you can easily share conversations you find interesting by sending a link to anyone you want.
  • Delete conversations: If your chats are automatically saved, you have the option to clear saved conversations one by one or all at once if you prefer.
  • Export conversations: You can export your conversations and your data with a single click and send them to your email address.