How to use ChatGPT as your personal trainer?

You can use ChatGPT as your personal trainer now. It can be your personal trainer according to your needs and desired conditions. It can create a customized exercise program for you. Here, we will explain how you can turn ChatGPT into your personal trainer and have it create a customized workout program for you.

Having a personal trainer can be quite expensive these days. However, you can use ChatGPT for free or subscribe for $20 per month, ensuring 24/7 access.

Having a personal trainer also involves receiving personalized programs and advice. With ChatGPT, you can indeed receive customized programs and recommendations.

How to use ChatGPT as your personal trainer?

You can achieve this with a standard ChatGPT membership, but to take things to the next level and receive a higher quality service, we will utilize the ChatGPT Plus subscription and take advantage of plugins.

1. Enable Plugins

chatgpt personal trainer

Plugins are an exclusive feature available only to ChatGPT Plus members. With plugins, ChatGPT can utilize both its own knowledge and third-party services. This elevates the capabilities of ChatGPT to a higher level.

To activate plugins, follow these steps after becoming a ChatGPT Plus member:

  1. Click on the settings tab in the left window.
  2. In the opened window, enable the plugin option in Beta features.

2. Adding plugins to ChatGPT

chatgpt planfit plugin

After activating the Plugins option, follow these steps to install the desired plugins:

  1. Go to the ChatGPT homepage.
  2. In the top pane, select the choose the GPT-4 model.
  3. Once the model is selected, click on the Plugins button that appears.
  4. After clicking the Plugins button, select the “Plugin Store” option.
  5. In the opened window, you will be able to view the available plugins. Use the search bar to find the PlanFit and AI Agents plugins.
  6. Once you find the desired plugins, click on them to install.

The PlanFit plugin is designed to provide you with a tailored workout plan and instructions, complete with instructional videos.

The AI Agents plugin uses the collective power of multiple AI systems to work together towards a common goal and increases efficiency.

3. Request ChatGPT to become your personal trainer

chatgpt exercise program

After activating the desired plugins, we can now ask ChatGPT to become our personal trainer and create a workout program for us. To do this, we need to introduce ourselves, explain our goals, and communicate our expectations and preferences to ChatGPT.

To better understand your situation and help you effectively, it would be helpful if you could share some information about your age, gender, height, any previous injuries you may have had, and what your goals are in terms of sports. Mention whether you are aiming to build muscle or lose fat.

Feel free to talk about any specific circumstances that are unique to you. Sharing these details will be beneficial for ChatGPT.

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Below, we’re sending you an example prompt that we have prepared. You can create a suitable prompt of your own, or you can use the same one.

I am a [83 kilos] male with a height of [185 cm]. I would like to lose some fat and gain [leg, back, and shoulder] muscles. [I don’t have any injuries.] You will be using PlanFit and AI Agents plugins to create an exercise program for me. I want a monthly program with 3 training sessions per week. I would like each of the 3 training sessions to be different and complementary.

4. View the exercises

view exercises in chatgpt

The PlanFit plugin not only helps you create a workout program but also provides video and image demonstrations for the exercises it includes in the program.

By clicking on the names of the exercises in the program, you can view how each movement is performed.


We learned how to use ChatGPT as your personal trainer and how to get support from artificial intelligence by having it generate exercise programs. To get the best support and responses from ChatGPT, it needs to be properly guided and you should follow its good practices.

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Furthermore, the convenience of accessing ChatGPT, the freedom to explain our needs in detail without time limitations, and the support it provides make ChatGPT a valuable tool. Give ChatGPT a try as your personal trainer and see how well it performs for yourself.