How to use GPT-4 model in ChatGPT: A Visual Tutorial

Here, we’ll show you how to use OpenAI’s GPT-4 model on ChatGPT, both in your web browser and on the mobile app.

What is GPT-4 Model?

GPT-4 stands for Generative Pre-Transformer 4, and it is the latest model in the GPT series developed by OpenAI. It was announced on March 14, 2023 via a blog post.

The GPT-4 model, unlike its predecessors, has the capability to accept images as input. It stands as the most advanced and current language model developed by the company.

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The GPT-4 model is trained with a higher number of parameters, which allows it to perform better in languages other than English. It has higher reasoning ability.

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How to use GPT-4 Model in ChatGPT?

To utilize the GPT-4 model in ChatGPT, you need to be a Plus member. ChatGPT Plus is a premium subscription service for $20 per month.

On Browser

After logging into your account, simply select GPT-4 from the options available at the top of the homepage.

use gpt-4 model in chatgpt

On Mobile App

Using the GPT-4 model on the mobile app is also straightforward. Once you’ve logged into your account, just select GPT-4 from the model options located at the top. Free ChatGPT users can only access the GPT-3.5 model.

GPT-4 in chatgpt mobile

Once you’ve selected the model, you can simply proceed to use ChatGPT as usual. The queries you present to ChatGPT will then be answered by the GPT-4 model.

How can I determine which model I’m using in ChatGPT?

To check which model you are using, you can scroll to the top of the chat window. The model being used by ChatGPT will be mentioned there. The default model in ChatGPT is GPT-3.5.

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check the current model in chatgpt

How to access GPT-4 model outside of ChatGPT?

To use the GPT-4 model, developers need to make API calls to the provided API endpoint by OpenAI, following the specified parameters.

Developers can integrate the GPT-4 model into their own programs using this API.

However, there is one point to note: To make API calls to use the GPT-4 model, you need at least basic knowledge of software development, and you are required to pay a certain fee per token.

Additional features for GPT-4 model in ChatGPT

With the GPT-4 model in ChatGPT, you also gain access to several new features, including:

  • Plugins
  • Web Browsing
  • Image Input
  • Code Interpreter

Image Input

You can upload images to ChatGPT and request it to perform analyses related to those images. While ChatGPT traditionally only accepted text input, with the GPT-4 model, image input is also possible.

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Web Browsing

Web Browsing allows ChatGPT to search the internet to answer some of your questions, so it can give you the most up-to-date responses.

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ChatGPT Plugins

With plugins, ChatGPT can use both its own knowledge and third-party applications to enhance its abilities, so it can do even more than what it’s originally capable of.

Code Interpreter

With Code Interpreter mode in ChatGPT, you can upload files, execute python code, and make data analysis.

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